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Rancho Alegre Camp
The Rancho Alegre Boy Scout Camp was destroyed by the 2017 Whittier Fire. PLC was contracted by the Los Padres Council Boy Scouts of America to perform the site work for the rebuild. This project has several components: grading for new buildings and roads, new underground utilities, new steel water tanks, and a spring water line.
East Mountain Drive Bridge Replacement
This project consisted of installing a 75’x16’ prefabricated steel truss bridge to replace a bridge that was destroyed by the Thomas Fire Debris Flow in 2018. The County of Santa Barbara Contracted with Peter Lapidus Construction, Inc. for the project construction.
Woodside Slope Repair
PLC was contracted in 2020 by the City of Santa Barbara to repair a hillside damaged by a ruptured 12” water main. We worked with the City Engineer & Geotechnical Engineer to devise a strategy to repair the slope using a combination of keyed and benched slurry steps.
New Residence on Toro Canyon Park Road
PLC performed all the civil engineered site work on a large rural property on the outskirts of Carpinteria. Perched on a ridge surrounded by chaparral scrub oaks, the site required a large number of improvements to make a fire safe site ready for construction.
Arroyo Burro Estuary Restoration
PLC was awarded the Arroyo Burro Estuary job by the City of Santa Barbara. The job consisted of the removal of 300 ft of 72” concrete culvert that had been installed when mesa Creek was filled in 1969 and restoration of the site with native plants and interpretive improvements.
Arroyo Hondo Fish Passage
In 2007 PLC was awarded the Arroyo Hondo Fish Passage project by The Land Trust for Santa Barbara. The project required careful planning and coordination with numerous agencies & monitors due to the presence of endangered steelhead trout, red legged frogs, tidewater gobies & various other species of concern.
Carpinteria Creek Bailard Stream Bank Restoration
We were awarded the job of restoring the bank of Carpinteria Creek on an agricultural piece of land. The bank had washed out during El Nino rains of 2005 and 2007, but needed to be reconstructed to native condition, as ordered by the Department of Fish & Game and other government agencies.
Carpinteria Creek Fish Passage Improvements
PLC was awarded the contract to perform three steelhead fish passage improvement jobs in Carpinteria. Two jobs were on Carpinteria Creek and one on Gobernador Creek. The jobs involved removal of existing concrete low water crossings, installing bridges & restoring the natural stream channels.
Carpinteria Creek Park
PLC was awarded the job to construct the Carpinteria Creek Park by the City of Carpinteria. The job consisted of complete construction of a new park based around the theme of promoting the health and understanding of the adjacent Carpinteria Creek.
Fairview Gardens
PLC was hired by The Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens to perform the site work for their labor temporary housing compound. Fairview gardens is a non-profit farm that promotes organic sustainable farming practices through numerous education programs along with supplying locally grown organic produce.
Goleta Slough Restoration
PLC was awarded the Goleta Slough Restoration job by The Land Trust For Santa Barbara. The job consisted of creation of new wetland habitat by excavation previously filled in wetland & removing non native plants. Newly created areas are being revegetated with native plants.
Oak Creek Bridge
PLC was awarded the contract to construct a steel and timber bridge over Oak Creek in Oak View California.
Rancho San Roque
Since 2001 PLC has been working at Rancho San Roque in the foothills above Santa Barbara. This site consists of a large 1800 acre ranch that has undergone numerous different improvements over the years.
Beach Berm Work
Since 2000 we have been involved with construction of winter protective sand berms for the cities of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara. We have lots of experience on how the sand berms need to be constructed to be effective against mother nature and how to work in the difficult marine environment and beach in less-than-desirable conditions.
Soldier Pile Wall Construction
PLC has constructed numerous soldier pile or shoring walls in the Santa Barbara area. We work with local geotechnical and civil engineers to get the walls/shoring designed, permitted, and constructed.