Ranch Alegre Water Tank

Rancho Alegre Camp Project: Water Tank

New 150,000 Gallon Bolted steel water tanks

We replaced the existing 100,000 gallon ferro cement cistern located on the highest ridge of the property. The fire requirement was for 1000 GPM flow for 2 hours equating to 120,000 Gallons for fire protection and 30,000 Gallon for domestic use. The existing tank was built too close to an existing potentially unstable slope. We worked with the geotechnical engineer as well as the civil engineer to devise a plan for the new tank. The plan was to go with a much taller smaller diameter tank. This allowed us to cut the elevation of the site down to bedrock and shift the tank closer to the center of the ridge where the geology was stable.

The tank has a liner to prevent corrosion of the bolted steel structure and is filled by the spring waterline and a well located on the property. We installed a Multistage filtration system using Rosedale bag filters approved for surface water diversion. This system was approved by the State health department for the removal of Giardia & Cryptosporidium. The water is chlorinated at the well and the point of connection of the spring line after filtration.

The tank is equipped with an altitude valve that controls the height of the water in the tank allowing for automated fill by the spring line or well.

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