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Rancho Alegre Project Overview

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Rancho Alegre is a Boy Scout Camp that operates an outdoor 6th Grade Camp for the Local school District as well as the Scout programs. The Camp was burned by the 2017 Whittier Fire. This Camp is an important asset to the Local Community. Peter Lapidus Construction, Inc was contracted by the Los Padres Council Boy Scouts of America to perform the site work for the rebuild. Peter attended the Camp as both a youth and leader and his son Carson attended as a scout. We were honored to have been selected to be involved with such a worthy project!

Visit the links below to learn more about these portions of the project and to see photos.

This was a multifaceted project that included:
  • Spring water line: Working closely with the USFS, biological monitors & landowners we were able to fly in our pipe and materials and complete the project in a short time frame while being sensitive to the nesting site for Southern Spotted Owls.
  • Grading for new buildings & roads using using our stakeless GPS site positioning system & automated grading equipment.
  • New 150,000 gallon bolted steel water tanks. We replaced the existing 100,000 gallon ferro cement cistern located on the highest ridge of the property.
  • New underground utilities including: Installing a new 8” water loop, 11 fire hydrants, New PGE MSB, multiple transformer pads, new propane gas piping, a sewer collection system for the entire site, new Orenco Systems Advantex Axmax sewer treatment system & dispersal drip field. All of the system was installed without the need for survey staking and was located before and during construction with our GPS site positioning system. This allows for ease of locating installed utilities in the future as an electronic GPS as built.

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