Rancho Alegre Camp Grading

Rancho Alegre Camp Project : Grading for new buildings and roads

Grading for new buildings & roads During the grading we were able to expedite construction using our stakeless GPS site positioning system & automated grading equipment. This eliminated approximately $150,000 in survey cost from the project. We were able to grade out the 13 building pads, roads, parking lot, locate the structures & utilities with only the need for control points & a 3D model of the site.

The site geology consisted of a large quantity of rock in all sizes up to 8’ diameter. Much of the soil required screening for use as compacted fill. We were able to use the screened rock as fill by crushing the smaller 18” minus along with all concrete from demolition down to meet specifications, and then incorporate it back into the fills. The crusher we utilized is an MB90.3 excavator mounted jaw crusher.

The lower area consisted of a highly expansive clay not suitable for supporting the designed foundations. In this area we removed the clay to a specified depth and replaced it with the course non-expansive screened material from the upper portion of the site. This saved the owner from having to switch to a much more expensive post tensioned footing and expedited the foundation process.

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